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We recognize our accountability both to God and to our donors. We have a responsibility to be faithful stewards and to maintain integrity and openness in our practices.

WAY-FM has a responsible and qualified Board of Directors who governs us, the majority of whom are not staff members or their relatives. Our Board meets at least four times annually to establish policies, set budgets, oversee operations, and review ministry accomplishments.

Our financial statements are prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. We obtain an annual audit in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards by the independent public accounting firm Capin Crouse, LLP, certified public accountants, the country’s leading accounting and advisory firm primarily serving the Christian not-for-profit community.

Our Board appoints an Audit Committee to review the annual audit and report its findings to the Board. No staff or their relatives serve on this committee.

WAY Media Board Members




Bob Augsburg

WAY Media, President & Founder

Colorado Springs, CO

Felice Augsburg

WAY Media

Colorado Springs, CO

Joe Battaglia

Renaissance Communications, President

Wyckoff, NJ

Michael Black

Black Dog Partners Real Estate, President

Austin, TX

Andy Burdsall

Riverbend Financial Group, President

New Albany, IN

Neal Joseph

Crossings Community Church

Oklahoma City, OK

Kurt Leander

Focus on the Family, Executive Director of Public Affairs

Colorado Springs, CO

John Scaggs

Harmonic Inc,  Director, Broadcast Solutions

Frisco, TX


WAY Media Executive Team




Bob Augsburg

President, Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Dusty Rhodes

Senior Vice President


Lloyd Parker

Chief Operating Officer


Faron Dice

Vice President,  Content & Network Services



Accountability Documents

Adobe Acrobat Financial Audit June 30, 2013 (253 KB)

Adobe Acrobat IRS Form 990 June 2012 (4.3 MB)

Adobe Acrobat Financial Accountability Policy (303 KB)



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canceling donation
Posted by Yvette Muniz on

I cant afford the donation at this time. Plz cancel as of Jan.1, 2011. when i can again, i will. thanks for the service on your radio station.

2009 tax donation
Posted by Mary jane Piedra on

Could you please forward me my 2009 donation amount for my taxes. I miss placed the doc. you sent. Thank you.

Wrong name on my statement in the mail
Posted by Marsha Mitchell on

i have donated money from my bank automatically for quite some time and do not appreciate my mail and statement reading Marsha Jones. Hopefully no one has infiltrated my bank acct by the name of Jones, and I will be able to use this for my taxes.. If there is a problem here with my name, you need to take my name off your registry. Thank you . Marsha Mitchell

Posted by Reyna34Burks on


Am I listening to a Christian Radio?
Posted by JOann on

Sometimes I wonder if I am listening to a Christian Radio station or not. The music is Christian and inspiring, but at times the DJ's talk more about Celebs and Hollywood than God. Melissa just did the top 5 worst songs of the 80's. One afternoon she talked about the pants being recalled because you could see thru them. What image did that put in everyone's mind??? I feel like all the references to Hollywood and celebs takes people's focus off God. I moved to AL from TX and the radio statin there was encouragement driven. I try to tune out the DJ's in hopes that the music will soon return, but sometimes it is hard not to turn the station off. I've heard non-Christian DJ's that have more postivtive attitudes and stories to tell and share. I love the music, just wish it came with a more positive presentation.

reply this post
Posted by KimClara33 on


I want to update my address
Posted by Luis Ramirez on

Hello, I want to upgrade my address old address : 4728 Preserve St. Coconut Creek, FL 33073 My new address : 5801NW 122ND Drive Coral Springs, FL 33076

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