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Posted by Adiel on


Prayer request
Posted by steve on

I have a friend her name is Monica she is a Christain like me let give you alittle History about us we arw recoverying addicts but we she lost her way she is really sruggling. So im askn for some help in prayer i know in my heart prayer is stonger in numbers. I know prayn is the only way i can help for right now.I love her with my heart !!! So please pray for her thanks

Guns and the 2nd Admendment
Posted by Rev. Cindy Falco on

To Wally, You made a statement this morning in regards to Our Constitution! Yes, we are protected to own firearms by the 2nd Admendment. You said but if they banned bullets then we would solve that problem. Maybe you don't understand why we as American citizens are protected to own a fire arm it is because of the tirrany of government. If they take bullets away only those who are lawful will be without. This whole issue that they are creating is to take away any protection. The government and its leadership as of today wants to Control the American People and to take over the People It is to be We the People by the People but as you can see We the people aren't being heard . Marshall Law is the plan. Look back in History this is the same thing that Hitler did. Don't be so flipped in your statements when lives are at stake and God gave those who wrote the Constitiution this wisdom to put it in the Constitiution. BTW Guns don't KILL people , PEOPLE kill People. As Christistians we are to take dominion back. We MUST change our Laws and ban violent games, Video's and Movies. We must instill in our schools from daycare to Graduation how to handle lifes issues, To be kind, to learn how to communicate with words instead of with violence. We Must go To the Law makers and insist on The Children to be taught God's Principals NOT mans. This is the problem. The unruly will always have guns and bullets. The Innocent, will have none. Don't buy into this propaganda to take away our arms and then to take away the ammunitiion. This is the Ploy. Please ask God to reveal to you the real situation and Please don't Drink the Koolaide. The Constitution was written by men who prayed and sought God for a Country that would be Free! Let's not blindly say things that are deathtramental to a law established for our PROTECTION Thank YOu.

Please help
Posted by Kimberley Randolph on

Please do a free P.S.A for me I don't have any monies and my mom had a stroke and can't walk any more we need a car to carry her to her doctor appointments also therapies.Please do a free P .S.A for us itonly takes about 10 secnds'-saying- Donate a car to the original-1-800-charity cars You may receive the full fair market tax deduction.Call - 1-800-charity-cars-that's 1800-charity cars or visit on line

my dog died
Posted by caylee cormier on

my dog died and he was my first dog ever, i am only 13 and i really miss him. do think god could be wanting to tell me something. i was listening to your radio station a few days ago and i heard that god tries to get our attention through anything he can living things and none livings , well at least i think you said that !! i really need someone to talk to and i feel like i could have stop my dogs death he died by a car and we were playing outside and i trusted him without his leash because he was a good dog and i know it, but i guess i trusted him too much because when he say the dogs across the strret he took off i feeel really bad and miss him alot please help me find out maybe why he left me and what i can do for comfort

Bright Lights Tour - West Palm Beach
Posted by Gary Alvord on

I just have to tell everyone I know, or don't know, what a huge blessing was brought upon West Palm Beach, Florida on Friday night, March15th. CHRIS TOMLIN, KARI JOBE, LOU GIGLIO and their respective support personnel, bands, writers, crew and staff were totally, indescribably, uncontainably AMAZING!! After Kari started the show, mesmerizing everyone with her angelic voice, delicate guitar playing and baby-faced smile, she brought them to tears of joy with "Revelation Song". A brief intermission, with stage reset and DJ giving some pointers about how good the tour is, we got him. Mr. Tomlin! Chris Tomlin. A friend of mine got to meet Chris back stage prior to the show, and he, his wife and their adult child with MS, took pictures and spoke with Chris. My friend said, "He's got quite a Texas accent." Well, that doesn't show in his songs, but it wouldn't matter if it did. Probably make them sound better in a different way. THREE HOURS later, we were all dancing, even Lou Giglio, who by his own account could NOT dance. Well, either he got the dance spirit dumped on him real quick, or he doesn't know how well he can dance. Thank you to Oneway Roofing of Jupiter, Florida, who was the main sponsor of this Worship Concert. This one will not be quickly forgotten or bettered. Looking forward to seeing it again, wherever I can get my wife to go. Would love to say money was no object, but that's the worldly me speaking. I pray that God's will is one that would make it possible to see this again. May everyone who can get to their local venue for this concert. Believe me - it is less expensive than a therapist, and much more soul-satisfying. Praise God for giving them the talent and the wisdom to see it. God Bless Us ALL.

pls contact me back
Posted by adrian on

hey i love your station i listen to you guys alot but i am trying to get in this christian school i got accepted this passed wensday and the thing that is stopping me is money i need 500 by the end of this moth is there any way you guys can help me

Posted by ANITA on

I'm a 45 year old mother of 3 and have been engaged to my fiance for about 2-years and it's almost time to get married and for the last couple of months it has seen alittle rocky, because my 21 year old daughter that has a 1-year old daughter can't seem to get her act together with her on personal & financial life and my fiance' is hestitating to tie the not or move forward, becausse he see's that as a big problem in our relationship no matter what I have said that it wouldn't, so now I'm at my wits end all I want to do is crawl up in a corner and cry please I need to hear from GOD I need directions on what to do

Emotional Eater
Posted by Laura on

Hi guys, I love your show and look forward to listening to your station everyday. I am a 43yd single mother of two and a survivor of domestic violence and have been saved since 2005. Being a Born Again Christian and know that God has put things in my path to strengthen me with my responsibility of going to work everyday and caring for my kids. One of my kids I had placed in a Christan Boarding School in Jacksonville since he was not obeying my rules and feel that he could have a better opportunity outside my home. He was stretching untrue stories to authority figures. . In any event, I am and finally admitted that I am an emotional eater. I love food. I find that being a drug addict may be similar to eating but we all need food in order to survive.I just recalled as I am typing that when I was growing up, the social thing to do was be around food all the time. I would close by bedroom door and watch T.V. and eat in front of the T.V. I don't have many friends ( my one special girlfriend in in the Bronx) and cannot get together like normal women friends do. I have a wonderful boyfriend who is a Pastor bu can't seem to get why I cannot come to grips with my weight that is holding me back from success.I think that I am afraid to succeed because some women when I know who are thin are nasty, mean and ungrateful. I don't want to change me inside just the outside and don't know how to start controlling my desire to eat. when we need to eat in order to survive. God has provided us with many opportunities to nourish our bodies but can;t figure out how to be consistent. I lost weight before and gained it back just recently. So I declared myself as an emotional eater, even when I am not physically hungry. Please give me some guidance. I have not fully released this to the Lord yet to help me because I have prayed to help me over and over again. I have not given up yet and so I heard your message to chat and looking to reach out for some words of wisdom, Thank you. Be blessed in Him, Laura.

No one on chat for spiritual coches monday even
Posted by mary jean ziska on

hi wanted to pray wiht a spiritual coach... to stop liars and for gods wisom and decernment about liars onthe phone.. and tostop manipulation and for gods protection.... fro my real famly!... but no one is answering... the chat.. is there a problem or did the devil try to take something else fromme.... theni really need prayer with a strong prayer warrior.... one whos heart is of god... and will pray in agreement for my requets... thanks... luv mary jean ziska..

need to find a church to go to
Posted by carol on

its been a long time sense i have to church i i beleave in god i have been looking for a church to go to i live in lake do know of a church i can go

Advent of Christmas Concert
Posted by Stacie Torres on

I'm not sure the exact name of the concert coming to Thomasville Road Baptist Church in Tallahassee on December 5th, (I believe). However, I know that WayFm is the only place to get tickets and how can I, if I can't find it advertised on your website? I've searched it and nothing pops up. It's not even listed on the Events Calendar. This is very frustrating, as I'm sure tickets are selling fast. Help!

Posted by Stacie Torres on


Posted by sandy on

I can 't sleep for the past 3 week what should I do

Posted by sandy on

I need help

Posted by Name on

My dad's name is Abraham and needs prayer for healing. He has neuro endocrine cancer in the pancreas.

to be rich
Posted by emmauel on

involve me na

Posted by melinda on

I have broken off a relationship with someone I truly fell for. It's for the best, but the hurt I am feeling seams overwhelming. I have a friend that has been there for me through this event. I go home long enough to feed my animals and leave to stay with my friend till late the go home to sleep a few hours. I am very thankful she is in my life and there for me. I don't want to wear out my welcome. And don't want to be a burden to my other friends. I usually work thru the hurt on my own. This time I don't feel strong enough to handle it. I know healing isn't a quick process, so I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and asking for prayers. I need more than my prayers to get through this time in my life. I know God is with me, it's so hard to feel Him in the middle of this storm.

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