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Ever wondered how events run so smoothly? How microphones magically appear on stage, and lobbies get transformed into artist hang-outs? It’s because people just like you volunteer with WAY-FM and help make it happen! We have several opportunities for you to help out with upcoming concerts and events in your community and would love to get you on board with our volunteer team!

Not only do you get the opportunity to serve and be a part of the ministry, you also get to meet some of our staff! It gives you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into how WAY-FM works. 

Please fill out our contact form and select Volunteer  in the Subject line to be added to our volunteer program. 

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Posted by Lissa Ayarza on

Hi! My name is Lissa. I love the Lord and am so Thankful for everything he has done for me, and volunteering for this ministry in any way possible would be a blessing since everything we do is for Him. Thank you for your time. Lissa Ayarza

Posted by meagan on

I am 15 and I don't know what I can do to help but I'm willing to try anything for the lord. I have be blessed woth so much I want to give back to the community. :)

Posted by Audrey on

My 15 year old son and I would love to help your radio station with any volunteer work. We listen every time we are in the car. We enjoy the daily Words very much. Thank you for bringing the Lord to us every day. Lord bless you always...

Posted by Johnny Jules on

Hello to everyone at WAY FM. First of all i would love to say I love this station, there isn't nothing better going home from a long day of problem and having to rewind by listening to this station So THANK YOU SO MUCH. I would love to be a volunteer, and get to help those in need and all that my title as a volunteer allows me to do. i really enjoy WAY FM Daily words, so i would like to say you all are doing a great a job!!

Posted by Tatiana Fernandez on

I would love to be an extra hand at way fm! I attend Abundant Living Ministries in broward county. God is good and I want a chance to give back! I fell on my knees in front of the Lord and gave him my life I surrendered! I let go of all my past and I now live for christ and no one will ever get in the way of that. I have much to go but the journey is going to be sweet. One thing I have to say is devil take a hike, peace!!!!!!!!! God is forever amazing he brings ligjt to any situation full of darkness and I want the world to know that! I hope way fm considers me to fill a volunteer spot! God bless

Posted by Nicole on

I just moved to FL from PA and I love your station! I live in Brevard county and wanted to volunteer some how but I don't live close to West Palm Beach or south Florida.

Posted by Katelyn on

I need community service hours for graduation and would love to serve any way I can!

Posted by Katelyn on

I need community service hours for graduation and would love to serve any way I can!

Posted by Dennis A Dore on

I am retired from workig and would like to volunteer there.I DONT THINK I am to old.I LOVE WAYFM.I LISTEN TO IT ALL THE Time.there is room for me their

Volunteer Opportunities
Posted by Patricia McNeil on

Hello. My name is Patricia McNeil and I am a member of a nonprofit organization called Alpha Nu Omega, Sorority, Inc. We are Christian based and located all over the US on college campuses. We are searching for ways to reach out within our community and would love to hear and participate alongside with you.

volunteering for teenagers
Posted by marjorie on

Hi there, Do you offer any volunteering opportunities for high schoolers? thanks for the info. God Bless Marjorie

Posted by arben on

Hey, my name is arben and i live in jakarta. If I'm not mistaken, I heard the information saying that your staffs are in Indonesia right now and doing a social project. May i know how to get involved with you guys in Indonesia ? Thank you so much

Community Impact/Volunteer
Posted by Ana Vega on

I would love to be able to help where/when I can. Please keep me posted on upcoming opportunities to give of my time.

Posted by Ana Vega on

I would love to help where/when I can.

Posted by Melanie Pizarro on

Hey, wayfm! I've been looking through your website, and I really, really like it! I thought I'd check out what's under the "Get Involved" tab, only to discover that there's a volunteer form, and I would love to try it out! I'm a twenty year old Christian girl, born and raised in the faith. I am currently strengthening my walk and relationship with God, starting with making changes in my life this year, and I definitely think that volunteering with wayfm will REALLY help! :D

Veggie Tale Volunteer
Posted by Tiffany Mornia on


Posted by Cesar Alberto on

Hi, my name is Cesar ,I live in Davie. I've been listening wayfm for a few months. Thanks to you guys and the radio I have rediscover the faith. If you need my help. I will be happy to help. Thanks

Posted by Name on

My name is Matthew Steiner and I am open to helping Way FM. I am limited as far as transportation as I recently got a DUI. One that set me on a path that would eventually change my life. I am in a holding pattern and called but waiting patiently on the Lord. If you need an extra set of hands, I am willing. thank you, Matthew

Posted by Bailey on

I would love to get involved with WAY-FM by volunteering! Im 15, and could use the service hours. I love the station, and listen to it everyday! Its a very inspirational station to listen to, it helps encourage me every day.

Posted by Michelle on

On the Radio they talked about a Communtiy Impact team. Is this where I find out more about it?

Posted by Karen Sanchez on

Hi, I have some availability to volunteer during some upcoming weekends and wanted to get involved. Thanks! Karen

Posted by Malinda Stringfield on

love what the station is doing and would love to be part of it

Posted by Malinda Stringfield on

love what the station does.I would love to be part of this.

Posted by Malinda Stringfield on

would love to help you help others

Posted by Bianca Pizarro on

I am willing to help anywhere for the Lord!

Posted by annarose on

Hi my name is annarose belzince and i would like to be a part of your volunteer team you can contact me on from (786) 474-0824

Posted by annarose on

Hi my name is annarose is and am intrested in being a volunteer for your radio station please contact me from &86 474-0824

volunteer for anything
Posted by susan mcgraw on

I desparatly need to volunteer for anything, I need to give back and it seems lie this would be a perfect way for me to do that. I am available any day, weekends, day or night. Looking forward to helping out Than you Susan McGraw

volunteer aytime any day
Posted by susan mcgraw on

I would love to help out i anyway i can. The Lord has blessed me in so many ways and opened my heart. I always hear exactly what I need to hear on your staintion, thank you, and would love to give back and help out in anyway I can. I am not working so I have alot of free time. Than you for being there for me at some of my darkest moments. I am available day or night ad day' God bless Susan McGraw

Posted by Clover Henry-Gilroy on

Please help Perception Is Everything, Inc., a young, not-for-profit organization, promote this grant competition & solicit local votes to win a grant! We are the only charity chosen from Palm Beach County to vie for a $25,000.00 grant by the STATE FARM NEIGHBORHOOD ASSIST. Winners will be chosen based upon public votes through the following link: Our organization empowers low-income employment candidates, i.e., our veterans, the homeless, high school & college students, graduates and drop-outs, at risk youth, abused or disenfranchised women to improve their odds of becoming gainfully employed through free seminar sessions. Please visit for more information on who we are and what we do. Thank you for your anticipated support!

getting involved
Posted by Malinda Stringfield on

I just moved back to this area and found your station.I really love it and how you help others.I would really like to help as well.I want to spend my time with fellow Christians as I have to much time which is not good. Thank you, Malinda

Posted by Melissa A lvarez on

I keep hearing on the station about a community impact team that needs volunteers. I love this station and me and my six year old love to sing along to all our favorites. I am not a skilled craftsman just a mom who thinks maybe i can help. I would love to help out. I work at night but I am free any weekday 8:30 to 1:00. I give these hours because my daughter has to attend school and I take her and pick her up. I work at Dunkin Donuts so I dont have alot of money, but I donate to my church and to the homeless. I would love to give of my time and myself to someone who needs a little extra care. God Bless You all and keep up the great job. Melissa and Leticia

Posted by Emily Williams on

Hi Way FM! My name is Emily. My children and I absolutely love your's all we listen to in the car! We are always hearing that you need volunteers. We would love to spread HIS word by volunteering. My daughter is 8 and we are looking to volunteer our time together. I'm not sure if you have an age requirement, but please let us know if we can help with anything. We are looking forward to hearing back! Thanks for all you do! =)

Posted by wilna on

i love the wally show everyday i will be listening to that radio station from morning to night i love all the song that they give on that radion station because everytime that i listen to them it make me feel happy in joy everytimre i'm sad i would just listen to that radio station and it woul make me happy. soooooooooooo in love with that radion station.

Posted by Dennis A Dore on


Posted by Angela Fusarini on


Posted by Paula Santiago on

I been praying asking God to show me what I can do to help in any area to serve him. Wanted to do missions but financially I don't think I can so but thought I don't need to go to another country to serve when I can do it here. So whatever you guys need please count me in!

Posted by brittani brooks on


Volunteer for events
Posted by Jackie Walsh on

Please contact me regarding helping with concerts and events. I would love to help out Way-FM in any way that I can!

Posted by Steve DiMarzio on

Hello, my daughter is 13 yrs old and is in the beginning of her homeschooling adventure. We discussed volunteering together, and I thought this would be great. We both are into ministries at church and love the Lord so much. It's such a blessing to have a family together in service for our God, and we would love to help out.

Volunteer - here I am, use me
Posted by debi on

Silver and gold, have I none but I am willing to donate my time and talent to help out anyway I can, especially if close to E Naples, as far as Ft. Myers. (Did you know your volunteer page goes to Nashville?)

Posted by Kimberly Maurival on

Hi! My name is Kimberly and I'm 18 years old. I live in West Palm Beach, FL. I'm a freshman in college! I love the Lord so much because I have the opportunity to be alive and even go to college. He has done a lot for me but me and my mother are going through difficulties throughout the years because we can't get jobs after a couple interviews. I still have faith that my God give us each a job soon! I always listen to this station everyday and it brings me hope. I love hearing the great songs. I would love to volunteer in this ministry radio and help out anyway possible. Thank you! :)

Working with WAY FM ministry
Posted by Peggy Martin on

Hello, My purpose in writing this letter is to pour my heart out to you and see if there may be an opportunity of ministry. I am a single mom of 3 children, and my son is now serving for the Joyce Meyer Ministry - Dream Team Center in MO. I have always had a heart for the hurting - and mission minded. My gifts are Administration, Hospitality and Serving. I have worked on disaster teams, counseling, missions, and food banks and for the homeless in missions. I was wondering if you know of any ministries here in Florida (Palm Beach County) or elsewhere that may have a full or part time position available. I have been praying about this and told the Lord now is the time I will answer His call if He opens the door. I am at His Service. Thank you for your time and any help you can lead me towards. Peggy Martin 863-521-6375

Veggie Tales Volunteer Assignment @ Spanish River
Posted by Keri Siegel on

Please keep in mind that I travel by bus. I will be there on Thursday morning as quickly as the Palm Tran bus system will get me there. I know the church. I used to be a member there years ago. Once I get off at Yamato Road, I will have to walk part of the distance as I am recovering from pulling my sciatic nerve about 3 or 4 weeks ago; but I will do whatever I'm capable of doing. Be blessed. Sincerely, Keri Lynn Siegel

Posted by Taylor Masiello on

Way FM has helped change my life. No matter how far I strayed, I turn on WAY FM and am instantly connected to the Lord. It has helped me find my way out of darkness many times, and I'd love to help volunteer and maybe help make a change in someone else's life. I am 23 and life in north Ft. Lauderdale. Please let me know of any opportunities to serve. Thank you.

I'd love to volunteer
Posted by Nykierama Cooper on

Hi, I am very interested in becoming a volunteer. I have been trying to find some things to do in the community that would allow me to meet new people and have fun too.

Posted by Nidiam Merizio on

I would love to be involved in such an amazing station. I have been praying that the Lord to guide me to where I am needed. I pray to be this Hands and Feet, That I can serve in his name. I would love to help out. I also have an 18 year old daughter that would also love to volunteer.

how to be a prayer conseualor
Posted by Monesha Trotter on

U would like to be a prayer consalor and I would how do I go about that

Posted by lane parnell on

i would love to work in your ministry, and learn, and to help people.

Posted by Caroline on

I want to find a place where I belong. I've been lost for a long time and I just want to come home. This station is slowly bringing me back.

Posted by Nidiam Merizio on

I love listening to Wayfm I have been going through a lot of dfferent thing in my life recently and i couldnt have done it with out you. I look forward to getting in my car and listening to the uplifting story and the music that always say the right thing when going through hard times. I hope to be able to service the lord in anythingyou might need.

volunteer as guidewire coach
Posted by Deborah Marino on

I would like to volunteer as guidewire coach I am an RN with my MSN and have been a life and vitality coach I would like to see what training i would need and how i need to prepare to serve please let me know Thank you Deborah Marino

Posted by oderay on

Good Morning Team! Thank you for all you do. The music in this station has blessed me many times. I would like to know more about volunteering on upcoming concerts and events. I would be available depending on the day and time you need to set up. If you have an schedule, it would be helpful. Looking forward to hear from you. Oderay Rossel

Posted by Ginia Octave on

Hi I am just so blessed this station has helped me and my friends so much when I feel like NOBODYs listening or cares I can here God talking reaching and reminding me of his promises and heart so just like wayfm has helped me I just wanna give back my time...I AM WAYFM!

Posted by Rudi on

Hello We are so blessed by your station My two sons(12 and 15) and I would love to help out anyway we can.

Posted by jocelyn on

Hi Im 15 years old and i dont know what i can do to help, but i love the lord and i would love to give back. I've been listening to yoir station ever since i could remember, and would be awsome with to met you guys amd to whqt goes on behind the scenes. :]

I heard about helping the homeless in boca raton
Posted by Tony G on

id like to volunteer and help way FM they've been with me since i was little and was going to Calvary chapel its been 8 years that this radio station has been apart of my life and id like to help. plus it could also help my community service hours for school. thank you so much for your encouraging music and the "word on the way".

Posted by Carla Fink on

Hello, I would like to learn more about the positions and events that you need volunteers, for. I love this station and I you make me smile all day. Seems like so much fun to be a part of what you do. I would love to learn how I can volunteer. Thank you.

Posted by Yary Gonzalez on

Hello my name is Yary Gonzalez. I am 37,I am off every Friday and weekend and love to volunteer to help for anything with your ministry. This ministry has helped me find my way back to God and I'm very greteful.

Praying for others
Posted by Jane Lee on

Dear Way FM, First, I want to thank you for your amazing programming, it has truly blessed me and furthered my love for God. I was wondering if I could volunteer to pray for others in need of prayer. Blessings, Jane

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