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Joining the Music Team is your way to make your voice heard about what you want to hear on WAY-FM. The responses you give determine the Top 20 each week, and helps us decide what new music to play. You'll also be the first to find out about concerts and other events coming to town.


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Keys to the kingdom
Posted by Jessica Conley on

the other day I was talking with my friends and we like this radio station we just wish you would play israel Houghton everyone loves his music. So please play it soon! Thanks much ,Jessica

Tye Tribett
Posted by Jessica Conley on

Hey guys I wante to request a son g by Tye Tribbett it's called I want it all back. it's an awesome song and I think peoplw will love it. It changed me and I could only hope that it does the same for someone else.

Posted by Carmen Torres on

Im trying to find a song. It goes the lord reign, we will scream and shout. You reign, you reign forever king of all. Can you please tell what the song name is and who sings it?

Playing different music
Posted by Sherry Kershaw on

I would to hear some of Josh Turner's songs. He has many beautiful songs that support his faith in God. Me and God, The Answer and The Way He Was Raised are three of his wonderful songs. Please consider playing some of Josh Turner. PLEASE< PLEASE. Sherry

Music team
Posted by Carrie on

I love Way fm, but miss the harder rock it used to play. I am tired of the song Losing by Tenth Avenue North. I loved the song at first, but hearing it every 15 minutes is annoying. Please play more variety. Right now, I love the song 1000 blessings, but worry that the same thing will happen. Again, more variety. I am loving the Christmas music and the variety of CHRISTIAN Christmas songs. It is good to hear Christ preached as He is the reason for the holiday. Keep doing what you are doing. I still love Way fm.

Britt Nicole .
Posted by Isabella silvers 9 years old on

Hi guys I would like to request a song by britt Nicole it's called gold and it could really inspires all the people that listen ,but if you watch the video it's easier to understand what the song is really saying.I want you guys to remember that your more than gold. Isabella

Music team
Posted by sheila Halle on

I would love to be on the music team because the music that is played makes my day and makes me remember who i am and how to live a life rich in Jesus's love

Playing New Songs
Posted by Elizabeth on

I would really love to hear some new artists like Jonny Lang, his album Turn Around is amazing, the album shows how he is turning his life toward God and its amazing. And also Audrey Assad; some of my favorite songs from her are Sparrow and Restless. PLease, please consider them Thank you!!

Whom Shall I fear
Posted by Angela on

I would like to hear Lincoln Brewster Whom Shall I fear.

Capital Kings
Posted by Chelsea Fritchey on

A new group called Capital Kings just released a cd. I love their music! I'd love to hear their new single "You'll Never Be Alone" on Way FM!! :)

Love God Love People
Posted by Bethany on

Hi I'm Bethany, I'm elven years old and I just wanted to recommend one of my favorite songs. It's called "Love God Love People" by Israel Houghton. I was hoping maybe you guys had available to play. Thanks! Love Bethany

10,000 Reasons
Posted by Susan McGraw on

I have to thank you for your station, I have had a really bad few months and it brought me to hopelessness, Thank God that my daughter has Jesus in her life and was my power of example. she suggested that I listen to way FM and I did, I now listen to your station always, home, work and car. although sometimes I have a hard time getting a clear signal here in Pompano but it always works out. She sent me a link to utube to listen to 10000 reasons about 1 month ago and I can't get enough of that song..or any other one. They have given me peace and led to a place in my life that has brought me back to Jesus Thank You soo much for providing south fl with a great Christian station that constantly lifts me up and reminds me what ever I need to hear at that particular moment thank you again and God bless you all!!! Susan McGraw

Love you guys!
Posted by Michael Picardi on

My car radio never changes stations! I would like to recommend "Higher" by Tenth Avenue North feat. Lecrae. I know that you guys stay away from the rap/hip hop genre, which for my taste, it would be nice to sprinkle it in here or there to mix things up. But this song is really just an awesome uplifting song with a great hook and some truly inspirational lyrics. Thanks for the consideration!

Love God Love People
Posted by Bethany on

I know I've requested this song before, and I don't mean to be annoying but I LOVE this song. i think it gives a really good message that we need to love others. I'd really like to hear Love God Love People on the radio.

i love way fm!!!!!
Posted by sierra ornstein on

WAYFM is amazing i love it i am fourteen years old and WAYFM has helped me get through so much. i couldn't live without WAYFM its absolutely amazing!!!!

Songs I's like to hear
Posted by Cindy on

I'm Sure - by Sisters You Reign - by 4Him Come Home - by Luminate These are just a few of the songs that I listed to on my Direct TV on "The Spirit" and "Hallelujah" stations. I love your station & almost never listen to regular radio anymore as your station is so uplifting, thought provoking, & kinder. Thanks for being on air :o)

Posted by Cindy on

I forgot to add that I am 58 years old. Maybe not your normal demographic age, but we sing the songs you play at church every week - Christ Felowship & you rock! ANOTHER GREAT SONG WHICH IS ADORE IS COME NOW IS THE TIME TO WORSHIP by Brian Doerksen

Would like to a member of the music team.
Posted by Walter A. Wilson on


Christian Techno Song
Posted by Daniel on

I don't know if you would play this type of music but its a Christian EDM song I produced. Take a listen.

Posted by jonathon and diana hill on

We would like to hear more live music from people that have the anointing from God locally so they can give their testimonies.And should you do that put us first on the list for great are our testimonies as living examples of what God has done in our lives. God be with you and in your spirits. Jonathon and Diana Hill

Posted by Louise on

I love Christian music, and I love the music you play. However, it's a lot of the same tunes over and over. I don't know if that's because of licensing or contracts, but I wish I didn't know EVERY single song on here. There are a million Christian artists looking for airtime, and plenty of famous ones that WAYFM is missing- like Switchfoot! They've made a lot more music since "Dare You To Move" and released a ton of them as singles. Anberlin is another. WAYFM, please don't fall into a mold.

Original music
Posted by Jack Olszewski on

I would love to send you a cd of some of my worship songs and possibly you could air them. I have recorded them in my home studio. Thanks much for your consideration. Jack Olszewski

Original music
Posted by Jack Olszewski on

I would like to send you a couple of my original worship songs and possibly you could air them, thank much for your consideration. Jack Olszewski

Posted by Bethany on

I just wanted to say that i really like Britt Nicole's song Gold which i never hear on this station. i'd love to hear it more. thanks, Bethany

Songs I would like to Hear
Posted by carla on

I would like to hear james Fortune - I trust you or Mary mary:)

More Rock Music please
Posted by Jake Philip Loubriel on

To Whom It May Concern, I am listener of 88.1 Way FM in South Florida. I would like to request two songs to be put on the daily playlist. These two are by Disciple, " Outlaws " and " Once And For All ". Disciple and other Christian Rock bands such as TFK should get more exposure on the airwaves. Thank you. Sincerely, Jake Philip Loubriel

Music team
Posted by Annarose Belzince on

Hi my name is anna rose Belzince and i would like to join your music team...

Calm My Soul
Posted by Ashley on

The song I am requesting is Calm My Soul by Paper Route. They aren't that popular yet, but some of there songs have such spiritual lyrics. Calm My Soul has gotten me through all the tough times I've had this year. Its constantly my prayer to God that he helps me to relax and know everything will be alright cause its in his hands.

Hi my name is Thomas castro
Posted by Thomas Castro on

Hey I want to start out saying may God bless you guys and may His will always run thru your life. I wanted to give you a testimonie that the radio station has done for me. I've been in and out of hospital since January 25 I've had 4 surgery since then and on my last surgery I was in so much pain and so much fed up that I wasn't healing but getting worse and I was asking God where are you? Why do you let this happen to me if I'm your son? Do you not love me have I forscancen you some how? God this isn't like you!! When I finished crying of anger I turned to my phone and played Iheatradio and I had way fm on the song that came on next would change my mentality while I was in hospital and would let me tell people of the love and the greatness of Jesus and turned my situation into such a blessed one, the song was (FEE EVERYTHING FALLS). How great is God and how beautiful is everlasting love

Posted by Mildred on

Im just in love woth alot the songs

Posted by Mildred on

I just love the music

Posted by Mildred on

I just love the music

music team
Posted by Cathy Bradley on

I'd like to hear more JJ Heller and just more variety in general. I often have to play my own music because the same songs are being played over and over...they are good songs but played too much. Love the station other than that-thanks for your ministry!!!! ♥

new song
Posted by Darlene on

Just heard my favorite hymn, It is well (with my soul) , by Passion & LOVED IT! Listen to your station to & from work & at home as much as possible; would love to hear this rendition on your station. THANK YOU

Song to check out!
Posted by Joey on

Hey! Love you guys and what you do, think its awesome! Just heard of a really awesome song you guys should play, its really touching and moving especially for younger listeners. It's "beautiful" by P.O.D. Thanks Joey

Posted by Leila Abbott on

Please please play variety!! The same songs are played over and over. Klove plays so many artists..and there are so many...Kari jobe is an example of one who is really good, but you don't play her. There are a lot of good Christian artists out there them and not the same ones over and over...thank you! God Bless!

Posted by Matt on

I would love to hear some more music from Tobymac's latest album. They are POWERFUL. Two songs that I am particularly fond of right now are "Steal My Show" and "Forgiveness". "Steal My Show" always gives me strength every time I listen to it, reminding me that God is in control of my day and that I need to look up to him whenever things don't seem right because I know that he has a purpose in whatever happens to me. "Forgiveness" is a powerful reminder that we all stumble and fall, and some of us may find ourselves in filthy habits that we can't seem to break free of, but God has forgiven us and we all need to do the same for ourselves and for others. Those are a couple of suggestions.

Posted by Penelope Bedford on

please play a more variety of music. after a song becomes popular, it seems that it is played over and over and over again, then I start to dread hearing that song. please play more 'rock' songs, or even andrae crouch songs. don't forget that it is not only 20 or 30 somethings listening to your station....... I've been listening to way-fm since it came to south florida and some of us 'older folks' like the more ROCK stuff!!!! thanks!!!

Song Request
Posted by Richard on

Hi WAY- FM ! Please start playing "This Is Love" by Memo Salazar ! Please add him, 'This is Love' It´s my favorite christian song ! God Bless !

More BarlowGirl!
Posted by Katie on

You should really play the last song BarlowGirl wrote before they retired "Hope Will Lead Us On"

Posted by Esteban Pedroza on

I haven't heard Newsboys recently, there any reason in particular??

A new song
Posted by Jeff Leffelman on

He is with us by Love & the Outcome. Is a great new song for you to play. I would like a longer playlist.

Keep Making Me, Sidewalk Prophets
Posted by Lana Babcock on

I actually love the softer rock you play now! This song by SP is awesome. Hope you can play it. Thank you for enriching our Christian lives every day!

Your station is awesome!!!
Posted by Debbie Dean on

I LOVE WAY-FM. My brother hooked me up a couple weeks ago. I cannot turn it off!! I even have it on in the company car :) Now we all listen to it. I work for D.O.T. Florida!!

Posted by Aletta Kemp on

Hi WayFm team! I just wanted to request more variety in the station, I hear some of the same songs over and over again. Don't get me wrong, I love most of the songs, I just don't want them to get old. I would like to hear a little bit less of the song "Gold" by Britt Nicole, but I liked the song "Crazy Beautiful" by Chasen. It would also be nice to hear a mix of the old songs and the new, like some songs from the early 2000's mixed in with the songs from today. Thanks! oh, and I love Tenth Avenue North songs :)

Jesus, Son of God
Posted by Abe Rodriguez on

I would like to hear Jesus, son of God by Chris Tomlin.

Anthony Shepherd & The Roar
Posted by Antony Manago on

There are a few of us who were wondering if you guys could please play some of Anthony Shepherd's music is awesome and God ordained!

Play The Colton and Zara Band!!
Posted by Johnny Hauser on

There's a new single out by The Colton and Zara band called "You Are Love". It's awesome, catchy, and creative. It would be great if you could add it to your playlist!

GOD is your guide and he got a purpose for this ra
Posted by juan muñoz on

i start my day at 3:30 am and my car radio is set on way fm 88.3 and since i discover you guys my god is with me all day. i never had a better way to start the day i really thanks GOD and you for the all the blessings since this started. my son knows all the songs you play even i know the words and thats a miracle. lol

Posted by Kedecia Duff on

Hello I'm a Jamaican leaving here in Florida and it's nice to have a radio station that I can listen to and share with my friends and family and not be afraid to tell people about. I heard this song IN YOUR ARMS by Rachel Holder so I got to thinking if I tell you guys about it that maybe you can play it and it may be a BLESSING to someone else like it is for me, but it not thank you keep doing the good work and may GOD continue to richly bless this wonderful radio station and by the way my family is enjoying it too so thank you again.

love the worship music
Posted by tamie on

My worship band is awesome and plays alot of the music that is played on this station. My worship band plays at good shepard church in wpb during cr and at tropical sands church during the 830am service. I love to jam for jesus!!!

Music request
Posted by Carmen on

Hi! Love your station! Just heard on the radio if there was a song we would like to hear more to contact you. God used the song Cry Out To Jesus by Third Day dramatically in my sons life! He was at the bottom in his drug addiction. I put the cd on the seat in his truck with a note and told him to listen to Cry Out To Jesus. He came to our home at 2 in the morning . He was sitting outside in his truck listening to that song. I asked him to come in . He held me and cried and told me he needed help! The chains were broken! He has been free from drugs for a year and a half. Praise God! Please play that song more! It is powerful! It helped save a life! God Bless You!

Music Team
Posted by Vickie Gagnon on

Two weeks ago I moved to Florida from NH. I found your station on the radio and it is a blessing to me as I left so much of my heart in NH to be with my husband in PSL... Music Ministry was a huge part of my life, performing and leading different groups, committee work for NH Catholic Youthfest as well as Soulfest (at Gunstock Mountain) as well singing for weekly mass. There weren't really many good Christian radio stations in NH so I listened to my CDs or Pandora in the car. I am happy to have found you all and would love to hear more Matt Maher, one of my biggest inspirations in ministry, and I'm proud to say whom I've worked with several times in the past. Thank you, Vickie G

Your music ministry
Posted by Tracy Fox on

I listen every day. It helps me keep my eyes on Jesus and the songs just touch my heart so much . I've been cancer free for a year and Way FM helped me a lot in battle. Praise God!!!!! Now I just want to do whatever I can to help others know about Jesus and His Awesome love for all of us.

My Way FM 88.1
Posted by Jeannine on

Hello, I was wonderring what happen to my radio station. It is not coming in clear anymore. Your radio station is the only one I listen to you. I can say I truly love this station. Can you please let me know if this is just temporary or its under another number. Please with any help with this I will appreciate it. Thank you Jeannine

Come to the Well
Posted by Matt Leininger on

Could you play "The Well" by Casting Crowns? Everytime I hear it, whether I'm going through good times or bad, it puts me at peace because he has done all the work for me, so I don't need to worry. It reminds me that whenever life seems to go against me, I can just leave it all behind and go to him, and he will give me whatever it is I need. Thank you. Love what you're doing so far.

Hello world
Posted by william henry on

I found a song by lady antebellum: hello world It just sounds really cool and I love it so much

Colton and Zara band
Posted by CJ Runner on

I absolutely love the Colton and Zara band and they have a new radio single called "You are Love" - it would be great to hear it :)

Posted by Name on


Posted by Mandy on

This station is the best . Whenever i'm sad and lonely ,,I don't worry anymore. There is so much Peace, Joy, and Blessings. I would like to hear the song with Kirk Franklin & Pastor TD JAKES. Please Find it and play it for me. I really like how he plays Jesus. JESUS IS NEVER 2 BUSY TO HEAR OUR PROBLEMS.'' U all need to play a little more BLACK Artist too. MIX IT UP mannnn. Black people love to listen this station also.

Posted by Mandy on

"let my words b few. Beautiful song!!

New Music
Posted by Cameron Haney on

Hello, my name is Cameron and I am a minister at a church called Believer's of Authority Ministries. By trade I am a business consultant that works primarily to help small business owners. Recently I have come across some really talented Christian music artist, and I have taking on the assignment of helping them put a worship album together. This is a field that is new to me, and I have very little knowledge in. I would like your help, can you please tell me the process to submitting new music for approval to be played on your wonderful station? I listen to Way FM daily, and I love your programing such as the Wally, and the Melissa Moore show. I thank you in advance in helping with this cause, and I would very humbly and sincerely appreciate any help and direction you could offer. God bless Minister Cameron Haney

New Song
Posted by Makely on

I would like to present this new artist Joe Vasconcelos. He has great songs, it is really worth listening. How do I send to you?

skillet & newsboys
Posted by Name on

i would like to recomend a song by skillet called not gonna die and a song that touched my heart at youth camp called gods not dead (roar like a lion) THANK YOU GUYS ps: i theres a lot of adults listeing to the station but im only 12 years old and i love this sation my name is josh carrascal

Pop music so all of the teenagers could flip to it
Posted by Jordan on

The best song for me like as of now, would be Dance - by Jesus Culture. Really cool song to just jam out to. Play it, por favor! Along ( add me to the music team please ) .

natalie grants song hurricane
Posted by kathy on

Hi, My kids (ages 7 and 9) listen to your station during the night and every morning when getting ready for school. Hurricane was played a little bit and my son fell in love with this song. Then it just disappeared. What happened? my son would love to hear this song again. Please if you could play more of this song, we would appreciate it! (also, I love the station too. My favorite is The Wally Show!)

Song Request
Posted by Aline on

Love to hear the new song from chris tomlin LAY ME DOWN!!! Such a powerful song!! In love with it!!! Please play!??

Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong United
Posted by Annie on

Please play this song more often, it is so beautiful and moving!! Thank you!!

music suggestion
Posted by Sharon on

Hey guys, I loved way-fm for a long time. We day you guys give me a postive way looking toward life. One of the song I found touned my so much and i know other people will be blessed. The Name of the song is 'Not Alone" by Gateway" Its an amazing song the words are really touches you.

Posted by Holly Sheppard on

Have you heard of Josh Bramos from Victory Life Church in Plantation? His album is "The Well" and the first song, "By Grace" is absolutely amazing. Please play this song.

Take Me Away by Leslie Grace
Posted by Judith Duverger on

Check out this song by a new artist, Leslie Grace called Take Me Away. Leslie is a believer and her music reflects it. Take Me Away has great lyrics and a beat that will get you going. Looking forward to hearing it on the air!

Christmas Music
Posted by Susan Siren on

Is this where I go to suggest the Christmas music that will be played?

Music Team
Posted by Jennifer Pagley on

I love all types of music! Just went to the Toby Mac concert and it was Awesome. Love Mandisa and all of the others too! Great concert and Great message! So happy to have WayFM in my area and really couldn't imagine it any other way. Thank you. :-)

Posted by Cb on


Posted by Cb on

Music team

Christmas music
Posted by Lora on

The Barlow Girls Christmas album-Home for Christmas is awesome. I especially like Carol of the Bells and Hallelujah.

Posted by mariah on

PLAY THIS SONG LOVE ALONE IS WORTH THE FIGHT PLEASEPLASEASPLEAPSLPELAPSELPASLEPSLAPELSAPSLEPASklfco vmxdgzsgvbtsszv04895bhy489578849$%^&*($%^&*($#%^&*%$^&U%$^&*$%^&*%$^*I$%^&U$%^&U*%$^&*O

A cool song
Posted by Joel xxx on

I think you should play DECK THE HALLS By Debby Ryan Thank You

Matthew West
Posted by Bethany on

i love Matthew West's song "Heart of Christmas" it is my favorite Christmas song of all time! it would be awesome if you could play it at least once this year. Thanks!

Britt Nicole
Posted by Bethany on

Britt Nicole's song "Glow" is one of my favorites! i would love to hear that song played

Soulfire Revolution
Posted by Sonia on

I would love to hear Revival by Soulfire Revolution, it's been playing on Air 1

I Love Way-FM!
Posted by izak on

I Was Very Happy to see that "Speak Life' Made The Top 10 When Last Week It Was Way Lower! I Hope Voters Will Keep This Song!

Oh And Also...
Posted by izak on

Hello My Name Is... Inigo Montoya!

I Hope It Will Go To #1 Friday
Posted by izak on

It Should Be On The Movie Soundtrack!

Favorite Song coded
Posted by izak on

1. Inigo Montoya Answer: Hello My Name Is

Blah Blah Blah
Posted by izak on

Too Many Comments... Getting Tired

You Bet We are
Posted by teera John on

Stop Posting Or Else!

Or Else What?
Posted by izak on

Are You Christian?

Posted by teera john on

All Done Deleted

Just Try To
Posted by izak on

I know Your Secret Identity

Boy Oh Boy
Posted by teera john on

Boy Oh Boy Boy Oh Boy Boy My Name is izak..oops.

Posted by Diane on

My husband and I have been here from the beginning. CONGRATULATIONS!

Posted by Diane on

PLAY MORE CHRISTMAS SONGS, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Diane on

I'm not sure if the name of the song is 'Outkast' but I think it is in the lyrics. Who sings this?

Christmas music
Posted by Rachel on

Have you heard of The Piano Guys? I would love it if we can listen to them on the radio. They have a beautiful Christmas song going viral right now.

Christmas songs
Posted by chas. on

speak life is nice, and then there's jingle bells instead of jingle rock. Or, or, We wish you a merry Christmas. alot of those songs are nice.

Posted by Tony on

I certainly would like to hear on the radio Crowder's new single "I Am"

Posted by claire abbatiello on

Hi, i'd love to be part of the music team. I've been a Christian now for 5 years and slowly over team, only listen to Christian radio.

Posted by todd bell on

the music how to join

Music Team
Posted by Matthew Rezende on

Jesus at the Center - (DARLENE ZSCHECH)

Great Christian music!!!
Posted by Pam Koons on

Way FM has touched me in a way that no one else could...not human anyhow... Thank GOD for Way FM!!! For real!

Posted by Pam Koons on

Hi, Can you please play the song (new release?) "The amazing grace... I heard it on my radio in my car and it was INCREDIBLE! Unfortunately, by the time I arrived at my destination... I couldn't remember the exact name or artist... Your station even said if we as listeners liked it we could post it on your site.. hope this works.. really want/NEED to find out who this was... for my own personal peace...thanks!

Oceans/ Hillsong United
Posted by Claudia Hernandez on

I went through a Bone Marrow Transplant in the past year. I hear the song Oceans from Hillsong United and it really . lifted my Spirit and helped me. I would to like this song to touch others the way it touched me. With much gratitude, Claudia :)

We want D'Viniti
Posted by Howie on

I would like to hear a group named D'viniti from the Palm Beach Area who has been promoting in New York for the last ten years. Here is the link. I think their ready now

The Only Name
Posted by Diana on

Best song I've heard in along time...The Only Name sung by Big Daddy Weave! Fabulous words and music...keep playing it! Hope it make is to #1 this week!

Posted by Crystal on

I would like to hear different types of song like oceans by hillsong and background by lecrae please

Posted by Yasmin on

Would love to hear a little gospel as well, such as Jonathan Nelson, William McDowell, Marvin Sapp or Fred Hammond

Strong Tower
Posted by Mykie on

This song is very touching to me.It tells me that i am not alone there is a great God that has a a Strong Tower over me..

Posted by tiffany acord on

Love your music and this station you guys are awesome!!! I would love if you guys could start playing Hillsong United Oceans (where feet may fail) thanks for all you do!!!

Posted by wilma on

love to hear your music everyday. its like haveing a song in your head keeps me going .thank you all. if you can find the song jesus can break the chain any chain. if you could find it . it will be super. thank you .

Music Team
Posted by Hallie on

I've listened to this radio station for a very long time, but I feel as if everything is starting to sound more like country, rap, etc. If I wanted to listen to such music I would tune into another station, but I want to listen to good Christian music and that is slowly slipping away. What happened to the old songs that used to be played? It's like the same couple of songs are on repeat and it gets annoying, which is why I have started to turn my radio off lately. For an upbeat song, why not something like Stomp by Kirk Franklin, Jesus said it, Freedom by Eddie James or Different Now by Out of Eden? Also, I would love to hear I Wont go Back by William McDowell, Take Me to the King by Tamela Mann, Break Every Chain by Tasha Cobbs, and some Kim Walker (Jesus Culture)! There are many powerful songs that have yet to be played or that are being forgotten about and overlooked. It's time to stop trying to become so contemporary and blending in with the crowd. Christian music should be solely about Christ and what you would want him to hear. I don't think God would want to hear screamo or rap type songs, just something to think about!

God of My Yesterdays
Posted by Cathy on

I'd love to hear this song on your station: "God of My Yesterdays" by Chris McClarney. This song helps me through hard times because it reminds me to look back and see how God helped me through the last time I needed Him so badly.

WayFM changed my life this year!
Posted by Carla on

Hello to Wally and everyone! I worked many years where I was driving to work at 6 am. I was very busy at work and never had enough time to finish anything. I would get so annoyed listening to the radio on the way to work. Seemed like every station had some silly nonsense going on and dumb conversations and jokes. I started to just leave the radio off so I could think while driving about how to achieve my goals for that day. Eventually, over the years, I never turned the radio on at all. But since I have found WayFM, I can't wait to get in the car and turn the radio on! I love The Wally Show and you guys make me laugh every day! The music is in my heart all day! Thank you WayFM for putting the "Music Back In Me"...!

I am a local artist. how do I connect with you?
Posted by Angela Poole on

Hi I am a local artist. I would like to submit my music for consideration for adding to your playlist. Here is a free download. Also, please feel free to visit my website and view my EPK to see stats, etc. and listen to songs that might fit your format. I can be reached at and 678-910-2487 Thank you for your consideration. Angela Moss Poole

New Songs
Posted by Annelise on

I love Rend Collective Experiment. Please keep playing "Lighthouse" and "Build Your Kingdom". Hillsong's "Oceans" is great. Also Needtobreathe's new stuff like "Difference Maker" and "The Heart" are good. I like all the new folksy-sounding music.

I would like say tanks
Posted by coeurty cherenfant on

I can't go one day with out lising to this station.thank you for that guys....

I Love your songs
Posted by Madison Rossow on

I would like to hear more songs by hill song united. They always have all of the answers I need in their songs they also fill me up with what I need to go through that day

More Diverse Music
Posted by Elgina Cantave on

I love Way-FM and the music that are played but would love to hear more diverse music. Jonathan McReynolds- no gray, Jonathan Nelson- yes lord, expect the great, called to be, just for me, Bishop Paul S. Morton it's working, Tasha Cobbs- break every chains,

music choice
Posted by kellen munoz on

I have to be honest I just LOOOOOOOVE your guys music for example every time I hear speak life by Toby Mac I make everyone still talking even breathing if they have to and they stop doing whatever they were doing and I just start singing so loud sometimes the windows down and people liook at me like I'm crazy or when my mom drives me to school i turn it up so loud my friends just stare and all I have to say is theses are my song I just have to turn it up they think I'm cray and I am a little but I don't care I love listening to this station I think you guys should add some songs by Royal Taylor or more from Toby Mac and Britt Nicole just saying god bless you - forever in love with Christian music

Posted by kellen munoz on

Listen to this song I'm for you by Toby Mac

A Suggestion-Like-To-Hear-On-The-Station
Posted by K Woodhouse on

To whom it may concern at WAY-FM, My family just recently found your station in Colorado Springs. We've loved it so far, especially the variety in the music. Kudos! :) I'd like to make a request/give some input. I know there are many great artists out there and love to hear new voices/music. :) I heard on the station that you're looking for suggestions. I'm not completely sure if this is the place to make a request, so I hope I've clicked on the right tab. :) Not many stations play David Phelps music, probably because he has mostly been with the Gaither Vocal Band the past few years and they're more southern Gospel. But his individual stuff is absolutely incredible and has blessed many people around the world. I'd like to make a request for one of his songs like "That's What Love Is", "Gentle Savior" or "Virtuoso". Thank you for the opportunity! In CHRIST alone, K. W.

Song Request
Posted by Joy Mathis on

"He wants it All" by forever Jones. Thank you All for allowing God to use "you" .

Posted by Allana on

Hey I would love for you guys to play Lift my life my up

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